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Volunteers Help Keep the Course Beautiful

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

In this Feb. 23, 2023 newsletter edition: Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf now have a seat at the table, Our Grounds Crew volunteers help the playability of the course, Super Sports Sunday recap, and Golf Giggles

Representation = Action and Improvements

We are delighted to report that Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf (FOPRG) now has a seat on the El Conquistador Golf Club (GC) Grounds Committee.

The Grounds Committee has supported maintenance efforts at the town’s 18- hole courses (Canada and Conquistador) for many years. Members of the Committee include the El Conquistador GC’s Indigo staff (the groundskeeper, the club manager, and club PGA professionals) and representatives of the women’s and men’s 18-hole golfing groups. By bringing these parties together, the golfers get a better understanding of groundskeeping issues and the groundskeeper gets alerted to golfer concerns and course issues.

In January 2023, the El Conquistador GC manager at the time, Bernie Eaton, appointed a representative of FOPRG to this group for the first time.

We have already seen the rewards of this new relationship.

Golfers at Pusch Ridge sometimes drive their carts close to greens - potentially damaging the greens and areas surrounding them. When the FOPRG representative alerted the Grounds Committee to this concern, the Committee promptly arranged to have golf-cart signs purchased and placed on the course. You will notice these signs the next time you are on the course.

Please help us continue our improvement efforts! Complete our online Friends Player survey and give us your suggestions!


Volunteer Grounds Crew 'Ace' the Course

Every Wednesday at 7:45 am a group of volunteers pick up their rakes, shovels, and tools to hit the course and help improve the playability of Pusch Ridge. (Note - this crew is separate from and not associated with the El Conquistador Golf Club (GC) Grounds Committee mentioned above.)

Their goals are few but significant. They tend and clean tee boxes, repair and re-seed fairway divots, and rake and weed the sand traps. In addition, they complete 'special projects' like repairing the ropes on the cart paths, and they recently supplied all the material and labor to fix the steps to the upper tee box on #7.

The men work closely with Duane and Rick who are on the Pusch Ridge Golf course management team.

Jack Holmes leads the crew, which includes Scott Stream, Mark Sampson, Wayne Holleman, Guy Cook, John Keeler, Dale Rouse and Scott Creeger. Anyone interested in helping is welcome to join! Please complete our Contact form if you would like more information.


Super Sports Sunday Recap

On Sunday, February 12th, Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf celebrated a variety of "happenings" at the course. The Super Sports Sunday event included the Super Bowl, the Phoenix Open Waste Management PGA tournament, USTA Jr. Tennis Tournament on the Pusch Ridge tennis courts, and of course a great day of golf right on our own course!

To make sure we satisfied and hit all the ‘major festive food groups’ for visitors, there was Sonoran Hot dogs, quesadillas and Mexican street corn from the Black Top Grill food truck. Oro Valley Girl Scout Troop #157 sold their delicious cookies, and the Pro Shop decorated their beverage cart and stocked it with beverages of all kinds.

The golf course was super busy with golfers all day and visitors could watch the live tennis tournament or streaming TV programming of the Super Sunday Sports in the Pro Shop.

A special thanks to all the Friends who came and made the event a success. We hope to do more of these fun "pop up" events in the future, so stay tuned!


Golf Giggles



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