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Informal Golf Groups and Leagues

Joining an informal golf group or league is a great way to socialize with friends and colleagues while enjoying  your round of golf. We welcome all golfers -- beginner, intermediate and advanced who want to have fun! All of our groups allow for casual play. You can play once or as often as you like. 

Not enough time during the week for a full round? Get your fix of golf in 2 hours or less by playing in a social and fun atmosphere at the beautiful Pusch Ridge 9-hole course. Golf at the Pusch Ridge Golf Course is FAST, FUN and AFFORDABLE. All 4 leagues/groups start the first week in November.

Please register and sign up for the first week of play.

To find out more about each of our leagues/groups – click on the buttons below.

Monday mornings

Wednesday afternoons


Tuesday mornings

Thursday mornings

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