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Friends of Pusch Ridge
Players Survey

The Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf (FOPRG) needs players' input! 


While we do not have any direct role in golf operations, we can and will share your feedback regarding Pusch Ridge Golf Course (PRGC) with Indigo (golf operator) and the Town of Oro Valley (course owner) and help in any way we can. 


Based on your current league or public play, please tell us how PRGC can be improved or better promoted.


Every suggestion is valuable, but those of people who play the course is critical to Pusch Ridge Golf Course’s continued success!   

Please fill out the following

Fields with the star (*) are required.

1. How would you rate the golf course based on the last time you played it?*

5 stars is the highest5 stars is the highest

2.   What aspects of the course need the most attention: consider items like: Tees, Fairways, Rough, Cart Path, Greens, Pond, Yardage Markers, etc. 

3.    What course amenities are needed to improve the golf experience at Pusch Ridge like: Chipping Practice Area, Driving Net, Beverages/Snack Cart, a “10th hole” venue, etc.  

4. Do you plan to play the course again?*

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5. Do you plan to participate in any of our FOPRG golf leagues or other future events we may plan?*

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6.  Would you be willing to share your email address with other FOPRG members to make it easier to contact each other to set up foursomes?*

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7. How often do you play golf?*

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8. How often do you play 9-holes versus 18-holes?*

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Your contact information is optional, but would be appreciated!

Thanks for submitting!

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