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Spotlight – Scott Creeger

If you have had the opportunity to golf our beautiful course this season, you’ve probably noticed the incredible clean-up on the top of the number two green and all along the side of the number 3 fairway.  Our neighbor and friend, Scott Creeger, who lives on number 3 with his wife, Wanda, has been working hard on this labor of love!

Scott and Wanda bought their patio home (in the El Conquistador Resort Patio Homes) in 2001 while still working overseas as teachers – they retired in 2010 and settled in full-time.  Their incredible careers as educators spanned Peru (where they met and married), Pakistan, Sudan and Cambodia.  While in Peru, Scott was a member of a golf club in Lima and their travelling team. Scott is a native of Minnesota and Wanda is Canadian! 

What started out as an interview about helping beautify our golf course, once again wowed this humble reporter about the amazing people that live in this beautiful neighborhood surrounding the Pusch Nine!

Scott’s motivation and his WHY are multi-faceted.  He shared his appreciation for being part of Jack Holme’s Wednesday Cleanup Crew and their contribution.  Since the end of October – the crew, along with Scott’s efforts, have contributed 155 hours of volunteer activities. Wow!

SCOTT’S WHY – In no particular order….

Scott painted houses to support his college education.  Stepping back and looking at the finished product brought him “job satisfaction!”  This feeling keeps him motivated when he looks at the improvements along the course. 

We all want to keep the course open, and Scott wants to do his part... he hopes to inspire others to help with the areas behind their homes – every little bit makes a difference and supports the hard work that the Indigo team does every day. 

Beyond the altruistic reasons – Scott enjoys being outside – completing the work and staying fit.  Scott is an avid golfer, and he not only wants to keep the course attractive – he wants it to be as playable as possible.  His work on the backside of the number 2 green has improved the handicaps of many regulars.  If you’ve lost your ball on that previous ‘gnarly’ hillside – you get it!

So what about snakes and other desert creatures?  Scott has only encountered one giant rattler by the green on number 3.  It slithered out while he was trimming back a plant – no problem – just got out of the way of progress… Scott has found countless golf balls, and on a recent day of exploration, he picked up 115!  Top brands are Kirkland and Callaway – so if your ball has your initials on it, you might want to visit Scott’s garage. 

A final message from Scott.  He hopes the decision-makers will see that we care about the course through our volunteer contributions. We can’t all be a SCOTT – but we can do our part!  If you want some inspiration – have a conversation with one of your neighbors and learn more about their past and why they chose Oro Valley. 

Forever grateful to be part of our community - Anna Bifano, Cub Reporter


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