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March 2, 2022 News

In this edition: Did You Know – full of statistics and fun facts, Updates from the Town and Indigo Golf, Disc Golf Recap, Golfing Giggles

Did You Know?

  • That there are 681 members of the Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf (FOPRG) who have helped us to achieve these amazing statistics below!

  • FOPRG has formed 3 thriving new leagues that play weekly at Pusch Ridge:

    • The Prickly Pairs mixed casual league has 113 members; on average, 40 men and women play each Wednesday evening.

    • 67 men are signed up to play in the Men’s League; 30-36 play each Monday morning.

    • The Flycatchers’ League is made up of 86 women; 20-25 women play each Thursday morning.

  • Pusch Ridge has averaged about 75 rounds of golf per day since re-opening November 1, 2021 thanks in part due to YOUR play support. It recorded 2,268 rounds in November; 1,690 in December and 2,691 in January for a 3-month total of 6,649. That’s getting really close to our FOPRG’s goal of 10,000 seasonal rounds.

  • The FOPRG can rest assured that the Pusch Ridge boom has not harmed golf at other courses as Oro Valley’s 18-hole courses are booming too!

  • The course hosted six days of disc golf, which highlighted the course to a completely new, and highly appreciative audience. Pusch Ridge ‘ball golfers’ enjoyed engaging with ‘disc golfers’, who in turn enjoyed the fantastic terrain and ultimate views provided by the Pusch Ridge course.

  • Thanks to YOUR support, FOPRG purchased and installed two practice nets and pads near the putting practice area for use by all players. The Friends also helped refurbish the cactus gardens near the first tee box to improve the welcome to all golfers.

  • FOPRG’s marketing team established a Facebook page and NextDoor presence that promotes play on the Pusch Ridge course. Additionally, the marketing team has distributed Pusch Ridge Golf Course marketing material to 13 local hotels and 12 apartment complexes.

  • FOPRG board & advisors continue to meet biweekly amongst ourselves and with the Town to plan and coordinate efforts to increase play at the Pusch Ridge Golf Course and ensure its viability.

  • Indigo Golf has responded well to requests and suggestions by Friends concerning course conditions, such as lengthening the grass around the greens to prevent unreasonable roll off, changing pin placements to improve playability, and raking the bunkers more frequently. Have an idea/suggestion to make the course awesome? Complete our Player Survey online and we will pass your ideas onto Indigo.

  • The FOPRG is an active organization comprised of people like YOU. We welcome input and suggestions from all of our members. Please send your input to:

Town of Oro Valley and Indigo Golf Updates

The Town of Oro Valley and Indigo Golf are responsible for our wonderful golf course - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your FOPRG Board meets regularly with staff from the Town of Oro Valley and Indigo Golf to be sure we are working efficiently to increase the enjoyment of golf at Pusch Ridge.

Exciting updates from the Town/Indigo include:

  • The State of Arizona has approved a liquor license (beer/wine) and food sales for the Pusch Ridge course. Soon you will be able to purchase and enjoy your favorite adult beverage and food.

  • ·Indigo will improve the existing beauty of the course by planting trees along the fifth and sixth fairways in late March/April.

Stay tuned as we get updates on the above items and more!

Disc Golf Recap

The February All Star Disc Golf tourney provided incredible entertainment on the Pusch Ridge Course. The event attracted sponsors, disc product vendors, and participants who brought friends, family and spectators from around the US to Oro Valley! Enjoy this collage that recaps the weekend. Special thanks to Anna Bifano (FOPRG Vice President) for creating this for us.

Golfing Giggle

You Know You’re Having a Bad Day When….

- You run over your own foot with your electric cart

- Your shoes are filled with enough sand to open your own beach club

- The rest of your foursome huddles behind a bench as you tee off

- Your tee time for tomorrow has been revoked

- The course pro introduces you to a tennis instructor

- Birds flying south readjust their flight patterns to let you hit

- Between the 8th and 9th hole, even the javelinas say “you stink!”

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