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Practice Nets and Mats Installed

January 16, 2022, Updated February 23, 2022

The Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf donated and installed two (2) golf practice nets complete with hitting mats to the Town of Oro Valley and the Pusch Ridge Golf course.


There is currently no driving range at Pusch Ridge, so the practice nets will serve as a solution for golfers to warm up with a few practice swings before heading out to the 1st tee. The net’s carpet mats will allow hitting directly off the plush 1 ¼” turf or using tees to allow practice with a driver.


The nets are located south of the putting green next to the desert area by the 1st tee. They are  10’ x 10’ and 10’ deep. Golfers will be hitting in a southerly direction into the nets. The Friend’s group worked with the Town to bring this needed asset to our 9-hole course.

After the nets/mats were installed on January 18th, FOPRG also donated and installed artificial turf on January 26th. The turf will help to reduce dirt and dust in the surrounding areas.


On February 22, 2022,  we finalized the installation by adding a recognition sign to let the public know that the Friends of Pusch Ridge donated and installed the nets.

Special thanks go to Stan New (FOPRG Treasurer) who spearheaded this entire project from getting Town/Indigo approval to installations. Others who helped with installations include Dorothy New, Steve Nelson, Steve Weinig, Dan Talsma, Jeannee Yermakoff, and Tony and Lisa D’Angelo.

A huge thank you to all of our Friends and their donations to make this course improvement possible!

sign installed 2-23-2022 a.jpg
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