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Cactus Garden Renovation

Event dates: October 21st and 28th, 2021

Cleanup - Phase 1:

The Friends team below did an EXCELLENT job of weeding and cleaning up the cactus garden area on the 1st tee the morning of October 21st.  A huge THANK YOU to the 14 Friends who showed up and worked super hard.  Click on the slide show arrows below to view pictures taken during the morning!

Planting - Phase 2:


On October 28, 2021 a new group of 12 Friends planted the Town provided assortment of new desert plants.  It didn't take them very long to complete this phase! But when they were done the garden looked great! Below are a few pictures from that day.


The Cactus Garden Renovation project was a great opportunity to revitalize the garden ahead of the Oct 30th Friends Pre-Opening Day event and the public reopening on Nov 1, 2021.


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