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Partnering to Make the Course a Success

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

During the Town of Oro Valley’s Regular Council Session meeting on January 19, 2022, the Town Manager's Report (given by Town Manager Mary Jacobs) included an update and accolades to Friends for their efforts in helping to restore Pusch Ridge’s popularity. (View the video clip below.)

Ms. Jacobs opened her report by stating: “The first year of this three-year Pusch golf operation commitment is off to a great start, in part, by the partnership of the Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf I want to thank them…” “…they have really been doing a tremendous job partnering with the Town and have been a significant contributor of the success that we've seen at this course.” She went on to say: “In this first two and half months of operation, we have exceeded our revenue expectations.”

She finished her report by complimenting the Friends for their efforts that include meeting with the Town and Indigo Golf on a regular basis, offering suggestions for course improvements, restoring the Cactus Garden, supporting and promoting special events like the Disc Golf and the hotel guest specials, and donating and installing the practice nets to mention a few.

After Ms. Jacobs report the meeting included a Call to Audience session.

Tony D’Angelo (President of Friends of Pusch Ridge) presented a recap of the Friends efforts and successes. He stated in part: “The course is generating a remarkable level of business from a very diverse audience of residents and friends during the first two months of operation it served 3,958 golfers. To put that in perspective, the course only served 3,875 golfers the entire last year it was open in 2020.”

At the end of Tony’s presentation, he received a round of applause from the audience, to which the Mayor replied, “Not too many Call to Audience presentations get an applause Tony!”

View the clip by clicking the picture below

View the Town Council's full meeting at

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