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We Are Getting Ready for YOU!

Hello Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf, and a special shout-out to all our League Members!

The Pusch Ridge Golf Course is taking shape for another outstanding golf season! The greens look beautiful - they have been taken great care of all summer.

This past week, the groundskeepers have been leveling all of the T Boxes and laying down new sod. The recent monsoons must have heard our plea for more water - just in time to give the new grass some added H20. The fairways started to turn green overnight - thank you Mother Nature and most importantly thank you to Indigo Golf!

Behind all of this action is “Rick” - who worked tirelessly all summer on the course and is leading the charge to make more improvements before opening day. Here’s a picture of Rick (on the right) and Steve on the 5th Tee Box. They both have years of experience working on local golf courses - the people behind the scenes that rise early, groom the courses, manage the irrigation and stay out of the limelight!

The Indigo Team will be working will be mapping out the course soon, preparing for overseeding and continuing with upgrades - the steps on the number 7 Tee Box were completely rebuilt. This beautiful nine hole course is in good hands!

Tony and Lisa D’Angelo (both on the FOPRG Board) have developed an enhanced 2023-2024 marketing plan focused on awareness of Pusch Ridge, community outreach, tourism, encouraging youth opportunities and much more. If you would like to be involved, please fill out this online form. We truly believe that the continued success of the Pusch Ridge Golf Course is much bigger than playing nine holes of golf - it is about the value of community!


  • Improvement projects are in progress

  • Overseeding starts in October

  • Celebration kick-off event - October 26 with an afternoon shotgun and party

  • Leagues will begin the week of October 30th

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Thank you for your support of Pusch Ridge Golf

Connecting the Community Through the Game of Golf!



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