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Town Decision - FOPRG Response

As we reported earlier, in 2021, the Town of Oro Valley approved a three-year provisional trial to keep the Pusch Ridge course open. Spring 2024 will mark the end of the provisional three years. The Town Council will decide on the course's fate for budgeting and planning reasons in early 2024.


A motion by Councilmember Steve Solomon, seconded by Councilmember Harry Greene, was presented and approved to the Town Council to direct the Town's staff to develop a 'pro forma' document that Town Council members will use to decide the course's future.


FOPRG (and the neighboring three HOAs) were asked to provide a document that would provide our perspectives and answer three questions that (we hope) would be used to help build the proforma.


CLICK HERE to view FOPRG’s response sent to the Town staff on December 15, 2023.


We will inform readers of any Town meetings, surveys, or correspondence needed to help persuade the Town Council to keep Pusch Ridge open after May 2023

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