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February 25, 2024 News

The FOPRG Board and Advisors wish to, once again, thank everyone who sent emails or spoke at or attended the Town Oro Valley Town Council meeting on February 7, 2024. During that meeting, the Council voted to keep the Pusch Ridge golf course open!


Here are a few articles written in the Explorer News about the meeting:


Green grass for Pusch Ridge 9


"No’ votes focus on Pusch Ridge 9 water use


Management, capital costs are concerns



It’s Parade Time – Join Us


The Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf have applied to participate in the upcoming Town of Oro Valley 50th Anniversary Parade! We expect to get approval to attend and wish to inform and invite any Friends to join us.


Mark your calendars for:


Parade date: Saturday, April 6, 2024

Start time: 9:00 am

Route: The parade will be on Naranja Dr. It will start at Ironwood Ridge High School and ends at Oro Valley Library.


In future email newsletters, we will inform you of the finer details (like where to meet, what to wear, etc.) as they become available.



FOPRG Direction - Now What?


Over the last two and half years, the primary mission of FOPRG was to market the course and increase play to validate that the course is a viable Town asset used by a wide variety of citizens.


Now that the Town Council has voted to keep the course open, the Board and its Advisors will begin to plan our next steps strategically and institute possible ‘new’ missions.


For the rest of this season (until mid-May 2024), we will continue to do what we have been doing - promoting the course, running our four active leagues, organizing golf tournaments, and working cohesively with the Town and Indigo Golf to keep the course running successfully.


Going forward, FOPRG will gather input from the Town, Indigo, and you (our members) to get direction and ideas as to where FOPRG can be the most useful to help the course thrive and prosper. These ideas and directions will form our ‘new’ missions.


We will get your input from online surveys, personal conversations, and general open meetings.


Until that time, if you have any suggestions as to FOPRG’s next steps, please reply to this email newsletter or fill out our Contact form at


Golf Giggles


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