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Summer Disc Golf at Pusch Ridge Golf Course

May 22, 2023

Over the last month, FOPRG Board and Advisors have been meeting with the Town of Oro Valley and Indigo Golf representatives to discuss the Town’s plan to offer disc golf on the Pusch Ridge course for summer 2023.

The following is a recap of what we know about the Town’s plan thus far.

During our meetings, we shared our concerns about disc golf, including:

  • Ensuring the course condition is not negatively impacted for traditional golf in the fall,

  • Safety and security of the homes surrounding the course,

  • How will disc golf be managed (how do patrons pay, how will the course be monitored, decorum on the course, etc.),

  • The potential of integrating disc golf with traditional golf during the months of Sept to May,

  • Separation of disc golf financials from traditional golf financials to determine the viability of disc golf, and

  • How disc golf will impact the brand and marketing of the course as a traditional golf course.

In response to our concerns, the Town has told us, and we quote:

  • “The disc golf season would begin June 6 and finish September 30, 2023.

  • There will be no conflict with regular golf, and the agronomy team will have sufficient time to overseed and prep the Pusch Ridge golf course for the November 1 opening of regular golf.

  • Tee times for disc golf will begin no earlier than 7:00 am and players will be able to play until 7:00 pm.

  • Each tee box will have a sign with the layout and rules for the hole.

  • We expect a higher volume of play to be in the late afternoon during the week, and weekend mornings.

  • Staff will be onsite during the higher usage times to help monitor the play and assist players or residents if the need occurs. “Rangering” or spot-checking will occur regularly as Indigo’s operations allow.

  • Have committed to continually evaluate disc golf and make changes as necessary to ensure the protection of the property and ball golf infrastructure.”

As we continue our discussions with the Town and Indigo on this and other topics, FOPRG will reinforce our mission and desire to transition the Pusch Ridge course into a year-round traditional golf course.

To us, the past two fall and winters have demonstrated a clear demand for the fast, fun and affordable family golfing experience PRGC uniquely provides. We feel this Town amenity can be sustainably extended into the summer to produce revenue, taxes and a recreational opportunity for all ages and skill levels.

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The Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf Board of Directors and Advisors



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