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February 2, 2022 News

In this issue- Friends partner with Town to make the course a success, Disc Golf coming this month, Prickly Pairs Mixed Casual League is a hit, Pump house clean-up, Pusch Ridge is for everyone!

Partnering to Make the Course a Success

During the Town of Oro Valley’s Regular Council Session meeting on January 19, 2022, the Town Manager’s Report (given by Town Manager Mary Jacobs) included an update and accolades to Friends for their efforts in helping to restore Pusch Ridge’s popularity.

Ms. Jacobs opened her report by stating: “The first year of this three-year Pusch golf operation commitment is off to a great start, in part, by the partnership of the Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf. I want to thank them…” “…they have really been doing a tremendous job partnering with the Town and have been a significant contributor of the success that we've seen at this course.” She went on to say: “In this first two and half months of operation, we have exceeded our revenue expectations.”

After Ms. Jacobs report the meeting included a Call to Audience session. Tony D’Angelo (President of Friends of Pusch Ridge) presented a recap of the Friends efforts and successes. At the end of Tony’s presentation, he received a round of applause from the audience, to which the Mayor replied, “Not too many Call to Audience presentations get an applause Tony!”

See a video clip of the meeting by clicking on the picture above or visit

Disc Golf Coming to Pusch Ridge This Month

The Disc Golf Pro Tour All-Star event will be held on the Pusch Ridge Golf course on February 11-13, 2022. The event will showcase some of the top disc golfers in the world as they compete in a unique format event that will kick off the 2022 season. The course will be closed during these dates.

Event Schedule

Friday, 2/11: Skills competition. Each team chooses 2 players for putting, accuracy and distance challenges.

Saturday, 2/12: Doubles stroke play competition. 3 pairs vs. 3 pairs.

Sunday, 2/13: Singles stroke play competition. Same seeded players face each other for one point.

Spectator tickets may be purchased here.

Read more about this event here.

Prickly Pairs Mixed Casual League – A Big Success!!

Every Wednesday at 3:00, The Pusch Ridge Golf Course parking lot is bustling with a group of golfers heading out for our weekly shot gun and high stakes competition! Yep – each player anti’s up $1.00 with the hope that their team will be the winner of that week’s pot!

The league currently has over 100 registered golfers from all over Oro Valley, Tucson and Marana. Word is out about the fun, camaraderie and opportunity to meet new people who enjoy nine holes of low-key golf in the middle of the week.

We head up to the Hilton El Conquistador for celebratory libations and the announcement of the winning team. We have also enjoyed dinners at local restaurants with outdoor seating and will plan an event for February.

In recent weeks, our field of 42 has filled up quickly and we have been forced to place people on a wait list. It’s just that much fun to play with the Prickly Pairs.

Anna and Carolyn, Your dedicated league managerinuing collaboration between the Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf executive team and the Town of Oro Valley, the unsightly pump house building just west of the #2 fairway on the Pusch Ridge Golf Course has been torn down.

Pump House Clean -Up

The picture above was taken before demolition started on Monday, January 24, 2022. The building’s demolition left a gap in the cinder block wall that surrounds the remainder of the pump station area, and the reconstruction of the wall was also completed during the week.

The pump house eyesore was a concern not only of the Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf organization but also of the neighboring HOA’s and community.

Many thanks go out to Assistant City Manager Chris Cornelison for his follow-through in seeing that this project was completed. “We are happy to work towards solving community issues,” said Cornelison when thanked for the project’s progress. “That’s why we are here!”

Pusch Ridge Golf is for Everyone!

Our challenging, picturesque 9-hole course in the heart of Oro Valley is a two-hour adventure for a variety of golfers.

The lucky homeowners along the course watch and listen to the sounds of laughter, the occasional “you’ve got to be kidding me” and “FORE!”

Recently spotted – a young couple playing with their infant -taking turns driving the cart and pushing the stroller. Golf and Arizona sunshine in January – priceless!

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