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February 16, 2022 News

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

In this edition: Women's Golf fills a niche, Thank You Pro Shop Team, Why We Care About Water, Meet the 536 Skipping Ace.


Thursday Women's Golf (The Flycatchers) Fills a Niche

Are you looking for a chance to practice your game and enjoy some golfing camaraderie? The Pusch Ridge Thursday Women's Golf (The Flycatchers) may be just what you need! 🏌️‍♀️

While there are plenty of golf leagues to choose from in Oro Valley, most require handicaps, 18-holes and/or a weekly commitment to play. The Flycatcher's only requirements are to play at the convenience of your schedule and to enjoy the game and company. Comments from our players include:

  • "I love this league ... casual, friendly, no pressure."

  • "I’m very grateful to have a nice, casual group to play with.”

  • “… so perfect for working on my game and swing.”

  • “Love the course… very beautiful."

The Flycatchers have 80 registered players. While some play only occasionally, a core group of about 20+ golfers show up each week, which has made for some great new friendships. Going forward, we will celebrate those friendships by gathering for lunch after golf once per month. So join The Flycatchers on Thursday, February 24th for golf and February’s after-golf lunch prepared by our Pusch Ridge host-extraordinaire, Tony D’Angelo. The more the merrier! ⛳️

Jeannee Yermakoff, League Manager

Thank You to Our Winning Pro Shop Team!

The number of players on the Pusch Ridge course continues to grow every week! We would like to applaud our pro shop team - J.D., Troy and Ron - for much of the success we are seeing so far. They greet the golfers with such personal attention, expedite the carts and check-in, offer useful course information, all while creating a fun, welcoming atmosphere.

They point out the new practice nets (that the Friends donated and installed), promote our three leagues, and help “walk-ins” play the course whenever possible. They are particularly helpful to our first-time visitors and the many tourists who are new to not only the course but the area.

Next time you are at the course, please give them a ‘high-five’ for a job well done. They are truly some of our best ambassadors for the Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf!

Why We Care About Water

Climate change. Droughts. Changing weather patterns. Infrastructure needs. Bigger bills.

Water is a controversial topic, especially in dry climates like the Sonoran Desert. Yet our website includes water-related articles and we may from time to time share other information regarding water use.

You might ask why? Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf is not a conservation group, we don’t have a political agenda, and we are not water experts.

Simply put, we are supporters of the Pusch Ridge Golf course, and as supporters we recognize that our “Fast, Fun, Affordable” golf course requires a certain amount of water.

Our job is to do our best to ensure that PRGC remains the thriving, valued town amenity and commercial enterprise it has proven to be - nothing more, nothing less.

As always, we welcome your thoughts!

View our August 2021 article on Water Conservation here

View our February 2022 article title “Water is Vital to Economic Vitality”

Meet The Amazing 536 Foot Skip Ace

On February 12th and 13th, Pusch Ridge hosted the 2022 Disc Golf Pro Tour All-Star Weekend.

The Pro Tour is the largest elite professional disc golf tour in the world. It is the Official Pro Tour of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).

The tour showcased the country's top 24 pro disc golfers as they competed and prepared for the upcoming season.

One of the most impressive shots for the whole weekend was Nikko Locastro’s hole-in-one on the course's number four hole. Watch the video below to see why he is now being called the “536 Foot Skip Ace!”

Watch original round coverage here:

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