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Benefits of Playing 9-Hole Golf

Playing 9-Holes - Why It's Good For You

According to the National Golf Foundation (NGF), the number of short loops was up over 15% in 2020. Core golfers (defined as U.S. adults who have played a minimum of eight rounds of golf in the past 12 months) are the foundation of the golf business, accounting for almost 90% of money spent and rounds played. NGF reported that 33% of core golfer rounds in 2020 were of the nine-hole rounds, while occasional golfers (1-7 rounds in the past 12 months) reported that 48% of the rounds they’re playing are nine holes. (retrieved from

As explained by the articles below, some of the trends and benefits of playing 9-hole golf are:

  • Time efficient

  • Good for beginner golfers

  • Seniors tend to prefer 9 holes at some point

  • Appeals to after work/lunch hours for workers with flexible schedules

  • Golfers use a 9 hole option early or end of day when course is not busy, to work on their game and not even keep score

  • League play at last few tee times affords a round that is not rushed.

Read more about the benefits at:

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