Ways to Help

There are many ways to help the Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf initiative.


As the Friends group begins to develop a cohesive unified relationship with the Town of Oro Valley, and its course manager Indigo, we predict that there will be many ways our volunteers can help to make Pusch Ridge a world-class course.


Click on one of the supporting categories below to find out how you can assist the Friends of Pusch Ridge in the near future!


The Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf Board of Directors will look to Administrative volunteers for business expertise and advice. These volunteers will also help to promote the group's mission to others.


Whereas the Golf volunteers' opportunities are unknown at this time, the Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf hopes to work with the Town of Oro Valley to devise ways for these volunteers to help with the day-to-day activities of the course.


Sponsors will help the Friends by supporting its business needs and promoting the Pusch Ridge Course to others.  


Sponsors will be recognized and showcased on this site on a future “Thank you” webpage. At this time we do not have a mechanism in place to accept financial donations, but stay tuned!

Crowd Cheering
Help us restore Pusch Ridge Golf