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Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf Celebrate

Several months ago, a few “passionate” individuals formed Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf. (Merriam Webster definition of Passion: Strong liking for or devotion to some activity, object or concept.) Friends established goals for membership – ‘let’s try to get 100 Friends to join us’… We now have over 600! ‘Let’s provide marketing activities and shoot for 10,000 rounds’…. Over 14,000 rounds played in six months! ‘Let’s start some leagues and see how that goes’… Three weekly leagues were wildly successful – often filled to capacity - with many new friendships formed. We had weekly celebrations at the course, the Hilton and local restaurants. Hey – This Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf idea has evolved into something pretty amazing!!

With the tremendous support of the Indigo Team, we celebrated big time on May 5th – Cinco de Mayo! Our morning shotgun sold out overnight with 52 players. We kicked off the day with donuts from the Donut Bar, orange Juice and mulligan sales with the sun shining brightly in the shadow of Pusch Ridge. The golfers were greeted at brunch along with an additional 25 supporters. Fig +Feta charcuterie boxes along with Seis Kitchen breakfast burritos were served as we listened to music and celebrated together on the lawn above the club house. We did it!! – our beautiful 9-hole course is thriving through partnerships with the Town of Oro Valley, Indigo Golf, financial support from the three surrounding HOA’s and friends from Oro Valley, Marana and Tucson!!!

We are so appreciative of everyone who helped us make this event possible. Carolyn Weinig and Anna Bifano led the team, which included numerous volunteers setting up tables, chairs, tents – Niranjan Vescio drove down to U of A at the last minute and scored two more tents – way to go!! Tony D’Angelo brought his travelling music box and shared a humble message of appreciation to the group. Stan New handled the registration and finances and Anji Verlaque managed the marketing activities. Our village is strong and talented. Thank you to Mayor Joe Winfield for joining us and for his support with re-opening the course.

A big thank you to our door prize donors:

  • Bernie Eaton, General Manager of Indigo Golf

  • Kathleen and Bill Gardner, Friends of Pusch Ridge

  • Laura Baldwin, Omni Homes International

  • SpaWell, El Conquistador Hilton

  • Coach Dave Brown, Friend of Pusch Ridge

  • Carolyn Weinig, Friend of Pusch Ridge

  • Karl and Wendy Koch, Friends of Pusch Ridge

  • Jerry and Nancy Ward, Friends of Pusch Ridge

Cheers to our volunteers and the incredible Indigo Team. They all arrived early and helped us with every detail…Seriously – there were no glitches – smooth as silk!

Cathie Holmes, Donna Bennett, Marcia Williams, Dave Brown, Steve Weinig, Angelo Bifano, Lisa D’Angelo, Pam Kravitz, Katie Dowdall, Mary and Tim Forsythe and our entire board and advisory group!! Bernie Eaton, Mark Thesing, Bob La Chance, Ron Burns and Troy Meyer.

Congratulations to our golf champions!

  • Best foursome: Jerry Moss, Tod Milton, Jack Leonard, George Quigg

  • Closest to the pin on number 2: Coach Dave Brown

  • Longest Drive on number three: Laura Reed and Troy Perry

  • Closest to the pin on number 4: Lisa Dissinger and Jim Beltz

Truly a great year for the little golf course that could… oh wait – it’s actually a pretty challenging 9 holes with incredible views and a monster on the number six green (“The dreaded thing”) that throws the balls back down the hill – over and over again……

Fast, Fun and Affordable – See you in the fall everyone.

O.V. Mayoral Candidates Meet & Greet Update

Thank you to all who attended the May 12th Meet and Greet with O.V. Mayoral candidate Chief of Police Danny Sharp.

We are working with the other candidate (current Mayor Joe Winfield) to schedule his Meet & Greet with Friends. We will send you an email blast as soon as the details are finalized for this event.

Enjoy Your Summer and We'll See You in the Fall!

As of May 9, 2022 the Pusch Ridge Golf course is closed for the summer.

During the summer, the Board of the Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf will continue to meet and collaborate with the Town of Oro Valley and Indigo Golf to get ready for your arrival in the fall. Note we don’t expect to send regular email blasts (as we have done during this last season) but we will keep you posted of any updates when they become available.

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